Sunday, 13 November 2011

Shirt Quilt Ta-dah!

The shirt quilt is finished, but I was waiting for the weather to brighten up to photograph it. It's been so gloomy lately it was quite a shock today when the sun finally came out.
Keeping with the recycled theme I used a well worn old duvet cover for the back which I think goes well with all the manly fabrics.  I used a buttery yellow fabric from my stash for the binding which I think brightens it up without being "girly". 

Washed and wrinkly :)

It does feel good to actually complete a proper sized quilt. I've done a few smaller wall hanging size ones but this was more awkward to quilt, even with the weight of it supported next to the sewing machine, it's still quite a job!  I did find hand sewing the binding on very relaxing though.

While I'm in a quilting mood I've decided to finish one of the tops I made a couple of years ago. In contrast to the masculine feel of the shirt quilt, this one is super girly.  I used all my favourite fabrics in pink, green, aqua, yellow and mauve.  I've added a border I made for a different quilt which didn't really look right, so I unpicked it all and used it here.  The colours aren't quite the same, but I think it looks good.  Need to sort out something for the back now.

Looks like stained glass from the back!

Finally, as it's Remembrance Sunday I thought I's share some pic's of a quilt I bought on e-bay a few years ago.  Initially I was going to re-use the hexagon part to make cushions or something but I haven't had the heart to cut it up.  Two of the shapes have "1940" embroidered on them and I get the feeling it might have been made hastily for a couple getting married  in a rush during the war.  The fabrics are typically 30s, probably from dresses and children's clothes and perhaps this was something that had been  worked on for ages, then suddenly added on to a larger piece of fabric with the initials D and J sewn on at the top.  I wonder who they were and if they survived the war?


  1. Your quilt looks simply beautiful!

    Happy new week,


  2. Your quilts are amazing!!
    I love the old one- you're right- it would be incredible to know the history behind it

  3. love them all ...hexie is my favorite..thanks for sharingxxlynnie

  4. Just came across your blog through your comment on Jo's. I'm super impressed with your work. The shirt quilt is so beautiful, I love the combination of colours. They all are lovely.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing your quilty post today. The shirt fabric quilt is such a nice idea, beautifully done. I've used some of my hb's old shirts in an applique quilt and it makes it more special. I love your other ones too, and the vintage one was real find. Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  6. The yellow binding really makes the yellow triangles pop out. I have often wondered about using sheets or duvet covers as backing to a quilt.

  7. Replies
    1. My daughter has the quilt now, but from memory they are about 4 inches square.

  8. Did you sew the HST together with any pattern in mind? and once the blocks were all made were they sewn together in any pattern or just random? I'm making one out of men's shirts and was wondering if it was all random or there was a pattern in there! Thanks for your answer! The quilt is beautiful!!

  9. What size are the pieces? My father in law passes away on the 8th of this month and I am looking for a project to keep my busy and make for all the grandkids.

  10. I really like your shirt quilt. I want to make it for my adult son. And use dark colors like Brown's , greens, blues and tans. Could I possibly get the instructions for this? Thanks

  11. Love the shirt quilt! I have been collecting shirts from my husband and the thrift store, and your quilt is just the right design! I also love your "girly" quilt in pinks, mauves and greens. The border looks perfect!

  12. I love the shirt quilt and would like to try and make for my niece one from my late father’s shirts. How big is each triangle?