Thursday, 31 May 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine!

Well, I knew it was tempting fate to write about the lovely weather when I started the post last night. Hopefully it will be back soon.

The little area by the back door is looking good now the pelargoniums and hostas are out.  I found some solar powered lanterns that brighten up the fence and come on at night that are great fun!

The window planters are filling out. I went for a blue/mauve/white theme that looks good against the bricks I think, especially as it's shady all afternoon.

And the veg plot is looking tidy. I think this is the first time for many years that I've kept on top of the weeds before they get out of hand!

I thought I deserved a treat, so some strawberries, meringue nests and a big pot of Jersey cream found their way into the shopping trolley.  All smooshed up together, what could be simpler, or more delicious.  

I'm still undecided on the pattern of my next crochet blanket, but I've chosen colours to go with my favourite Cath Kidston blanket and duvet cover.  Hopefully I'll find time soon to play around with some ideas. 

Looking forward to the Jubilee weekend,  hope you all have a good one :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012


The aquilegias in the veg plot are flowering away now and looking very pretty.  Every year I make a note to buy more seed, but always forget.  The little pink one is my favourite, such a delicate colour.  I think it may have resulted from a cross between the purple and white ones as it just appeared from nowhere!

The chives are a mass of pom-pom flowers and everything is enjoying the sunshine and growing well, finally!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Walled Garden

I've been meaning to share some pictures of a favourite local place of mine, but the last few times I've visited it's been "closed for maintenance".  Anyway, on the way to the wool shop today (yes another blanket is at the planning stage!) I popped in to the Walled Garden in Basingstoke and thought you might like to have a peek.

The garden used to belong to Down Grange House that was long ago turned into a restaurant and the land surrounding it is now a sports ground, but this little oasis was saved and is now owned and maintained by the local council.

As you enter through the gates there are areas of grass and the old croquet lawn that is now sometimes used for marquees for events like flower shows and weddings.
There's a wildlife pond that's great for pond dipping.

To one side there are long herbaceous borders and a pretty little sunken area currently filled with aquilegias.

Views through the beautiful gate to Down Grange House

Lovely old walls that used to be covered with greenhouses.

But the best bit, for me, is the allotment area.  I'm not sure what happens to the produce, perhaps it's used in the council's restaurant! but some of it appears in the flower and veg show.  I hope it's on again this year as I can't find any reference to one last year.   It looks like they've been busy with new wooden edging and netting supports.  I love the idea of covering the whole area with netting.  No more pigeon bother!

Sorry, I didn't realise I'd taken so many photos!  
Now back to my own garden.  Everything is planted out now, just the tomatoes to do in the greenhouse, then I can relax a bit and get back to some crafting :)


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Waiting for summer.

What strange weather we've been having lately!  Some days it's warm enough to think about suncream when I'm gardening, then we have days like yesterday when the heavens kept chucking it down with hailstones!  I woke this morning to see frost on the grass and thought my beans had had it, but they still seem to be ok thankfully.  Everything is covered with fleece and netting, so fingers crossed.
Here's a few flowers from the garden that cheered me up today.

In the veg plot the sweet peas have been planted with some twiggy sticks to give them a leg up to start with.

The potatoes are growing well and have been earthed up a few times.

Closer to the house I've been tidying up the pots and bought a couple of window planters that hubby put up for me :)  I've been buying plants at the garden centre to fill them with, but they're sat indoors for now.  The metal tub is full of mint, which I love to have by the back door in the summer for potatoes and salads.  The butler sink was removed from our last house when it was the fashion to rip them out and put in little round ones!  What were we thinking!

Lottie's getting fed up with the weather, whippets aren't designed for rain :(  She hasn't had any luck catching rabbits either, so spending a lot of time under her blanket on the sofa.

Finally,  I've added some more fabric rolls to my Etsy shop now that I've sold a few :)  These ones are in cosy, warm colours, just right for a quilt for Autumn if you're looking for a project, or a gift for someone!

Here's hoping that summer is on the way soon.