Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Hello,  I've been writing this post in my head for a while, but thought it was about time to talk about the garden and the lack of any veg related activity.  I've decided to have a break from veg growing this year, mainly because we'll "probably" be moving house some time in the coming months.

I can't go into details yet, mainly because I don't know myself where we'll end up or the sort of place we'll be looking for.  There's still lots of un-knowns at the moment, but things should hopefully become clearer over the coming weeks and months.  It's something that has been in the back of our minds for a while, but a number of things have happened over the last year that have made it seem like the right time to think about a change.

 Browsing the property websites has become a bit of an obsession lately.  Street View has to be the best thing ever (for buyers anyway!)  I've seen countless lovely looking places that turn out to be on busy roads or have pylons or pig farms next door!  My main interest is always the outside and if there's plenty of room for a kitchen garden.   I'm missing the annual routines of sowing and digging already!

There are still some things in the veg plot of course.  The tulips have suddenly shot up and have started flowering  away.  When they've finished I'll dig up the bulbs ready for planting elsewhere.  There's also lots of gladioli and lilies and all sorts of seeds to save later on.

So, that's how things are at the moment.  I love blogging and don't want to stop, but there might be less of the garden and more out and about posts as we start to explore other bits of the country.  And then comes the business of sorting out all our stuff and starting to pack, which I'm trying not to think about :(

I do love to read all your comments and hope you will still pop by now and again.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring Things

Hello, isn't it great to see the sun again?  With the bit of rain we had last week everywhere is suddenly looking a lot more fresh and alive.  The daffs and forsythia are really cheering the place up and the primroses and cowslips are finally beginning to show their faces.


I haven't done much recently.  Eldest daughter has been here for a couple of weeks and it was good to catch up with all her news before she returned to London.  The house felt a bit quiet this morning so I took myself off for a drive in search of some lambs!  The black sheep were out in their field, but it must be a bit early as there were only a handful of lambs, too far away to photograph.

I had more luck a bit further on where some white ones were frolicking around and came up to the fence to see me.

This is a lovely sight.  Acres and acres of new woodland and hedgerows have been planted.  It all helps the wildlife!

Talking of wildlife, I found some more little egg shells in the garden and added them to my box of "interesting bits and pieces"  I think the tiny one is a blue tit's, the larger one from a thrush and the others are blackbird's.  There's also some butterfly wings, and fossilised things and a beautiful tiny wasp nest.  I think these little ones are made by the overwintering queen. 
A proper display case is next on my list of things to look for, then I can look out for lots more bits.

Take care

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Bankside Walk (Lots of Pictures!)

The nearest tube station to the exhibition is London Bridge and right next door is The Shard.  I wasn't sure about it to start with, it seemed a bit ridiculous next to all the historic old buildings in the area, but  I think it's grown on me!   It's certainly impressive when you're at the bottom, looking up.  The shape makes it seem even taller than it is.   Don't envy those window cleaners hanging on the side, they must have been freezing!

I headed back past the station and Borough Market, which is worth a visit if you're there Thursday-Sunday. Then past Southwark Cathedral, and the Golden Hinde (a relica of  Sir Francis Drake's ship)

Then on into Clink Street where the medieval prison housed the local prostitutes and debtors!

The beautiful rose window and a piece of wall is all that remains of Winchester Palace

The Anchor tavern dates from 1775 but replaced a much older one on the same spot.

From there it was on past Southwark bridge 

and the Globe Theatre.  Opened in 1997 close to the site of the original one where Shakespeare's plays were performed

Past the Millenium Bridge and St Paul's

On past the Tate Modern to the Bankside Gallery.  A much smaller place, but more my cup of tea, with lots of  lovely watercolour paintings on display, all for sale.

A bit further along there's the OXO Tower Wharf building which has been converted into flats, with the lower levels housing restaurants and lots of small shop units for designer makers.

Nearly finished now, a last look along Southbank before heading back for the train.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kaffe Fassett Exhibition

Hello, I hope you had a good Easter.  I decided yesterday to take myself off to London to visit the Kaffe Fassett Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. (I was going to add a link here but the website seems to be down today!)
If you're a fan of his colourful style then it's well worth a trip.  It was wonderful to see lots of the quilts that I've admired in his books, along with tapestries, knitting, rugs, paintings and mosaics.  A real feast for the eyes!
It was very difficult to photograph,  being very dark, with flash not allowed, but I put my little camera on "museum" setting and hoped for the best.  Some of the pictures are pretty wobbly, but it gives you the idea.

Well worth a trip if you're not too far away.  
Despite the freezing wind it was lovely and sunny so I decided to wander back to the train via Bankside, (along with seemingly thousands of tourists!)  More London photos to come tomorrow :)