Monday, 27 May 2013

More Flowers and some Crochet

 Hello,  I hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday.  The weather here's been glorious, if a bit windy!  but it's been so good to be outside and enjoy all the flowers and greenery everywhere.

Walking Lottie this morning we passed bright yellow fields of rapeseed looking wonderful against the blue sky.

And cow parsley on all the verges.

In the garden this green woodpecker spent ages working his way round the sleepers by the summerhouse looking for insects.  I had to crop the photo down a lot so it's not very clear.

The irises are flowering away.  They don't last long but I love the soft apricot colour and their furry "beards".

And the last couple of tulip photos.  The first is "Flaming Parrot" but I'm not sure of the other one. Very pretty anyway.

Finally, some crochet from the world's slowest crocheter!  I did actually do most of these ages ago, then put them to one side when the weather was really cold as my hands were feeling pretty stiff and achy.  Anyway, all the squares are finished now and I'm going to do a white border round each one then figure out how to arrange them.  I quite like this rainbow effect, though there wasn't enough wool for 4 of each colour so it might look better jumbled up slightly.  Can't decide!


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

This Week

Hello.  Here's a few things that have been making me smile this week.
First of all, this beautiful rainbow which appeared to end in the field nearby.

Next, the apple tree that's been absolutely smothered in blossom this year.  I must have taken dozens of photos, it's just so pretty when the sun's shining.  Sadly it's starting to blow round the garden like confetti now.

more bluebells

And finally, some lovely flowers and gifts for my birthday.

I was going to say something about feeling my age and how I wasn't looking forward to being 50 but the  awful news from Oklahoma makes that all seem irrelevant.  Thinking of you in America and hoping you're safe.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

In the Garden

A few snippets of floral colour taken this morning before the sun disappears again!
Gorgeous tulips

Sweet bluebells

Beautiful apple blossom

And I gave in and bought some runner bean plants from the garden centre, despite deciding not to do any veg this year.  If we are still here in a few months then at least there'll be something fresh from the garden.  I  wanted a few courgette plants too, but tried 3 places with no luck.  It's quite late for sowing seed, but hopefully they should catch up.  

Bye for now

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Garden Visit and Plant Fair

Despite the forecast of awful weather today I went along to the annual garden and gift fair at Farleigh Wallop and enjoyed a stroll round the wonderful gardens of  Farleigh House which were open for the day.  It was "blowing a hoolie" as the Irish might say! but the sun kept popping out and the rain stayed away till I got home.  Typical British summer then!

Anyway, this is the reason I love the place.  The beautiful greenhouse on one side of the walled garden. Isn't it fantastic?  There's not much happening in the veg beds yet, everything's a bit late this year, but it's just beginning to come to life.

Inside, it's a mix of exotics, cacti, succulents, pelargoniums and plants waiting to go out to the veg garden.  

The jasmine on the floor was scenting the whole place. They can be quite overpowering in a house, but was just right here.

I love this whale fountain in the rose garden.  When we came a couple of years ago the roses were all in bloom, but they're weeks behind this year.

This is very clever. A wave clipped hedge with floating metal seagulls.

It was a bit too busy to take photos of the plant and gift stalls, but I had to get a picture of the lovely old barn where most of them were.

The event will be moving to a new location next year but Farleigh House gardens are open again in June and September for the NGS.  Worth a visit if you're in the area.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Loving the Sunshine!

Hello,  isn't it wonderful to see such blue sky and feel the heat of the sun at last?
Lottie's doing the rounds of the sunny bits of the house.

It's great to be able to hang out the blankets again.  There never seems to be anywhere to dry them in the winter.

The tulips are looking beautiful, but don't last all that long in the sun.

The pelargoniums are growing well.  I ordered a few of my absolute favourites, so that I've got something to do in the greenhouse this year.  I'm really hoping for a conservatory or garden room on our next house to fill with lovely scented plants.  

This one, p. odoratissimum had self seeded in the gravel on the greenhouse floor.  It smells so strongly of apples. Gorgeous.  Other favourites are Attar of Roses,  Rober's Lemon Rose, Tomentosum (very minty) and Lady Plymouth.  There are dozens and I've grown most of them over the years, but unless you've got somewhere warm for them to overwinter it's often easier to start with new ones each year.

The frogspawn in our little pond had turned into hundreds of tadpoles

Opening up the greenhouse this morning I was met with this chap.  Is it a young goldfinch?  He must have flown in the window and couldn't figure out how to get out, but was soon on his way.

Coming back indoors, this little blue tit had landed in the utility room and was spinning round on it's back.  It seems like the sun is making everyone a bit giddy!

Hope you all have a good bank holiday weekend.  Looks like it might be barbeque time again :)