Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wonderful Webs

The garden this morning,  shrouded in mist.
Cobwebs highlighted with dew.

And all the box bushes covered with these amazing constructions, looking rather like lacy hammocks.  I assume they're spider's webs, but maybe not?

Isn't nature wonderful!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Lottie's not impressed with the sudden change in the weather.  What happened to all that laying around in the garden she thinks!

That's better!  A whole sofa next to the fire, just for me :)

I love the ritual of getting everything ready for the first fire of the autumn. There's something very primitive about a fire, it affects all your senses.  The crackling sounds, flickering flames, gorgeous smell, and of course the lovely heat. Wonderful!

No,  I've never been lucky enough to have a Fortnum and Mason hamper for Christmas.  I found this one at the local bottle bank a few years ago.  Someone had just thrown it out with their empties.  One of my luckier finds!

I hope you're all warm and cosy!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fuchsias in the Greenhouse

Well, it feels like summer's winding down after a glorious few weeks of lovely sunshine.  As I write it's gone very dark and the heavens have opened at last.  I took the shading off the greenhouse this morning so the rain will give it a good wash.  It's still looking very pretty in there. I love all the different fuchsias, especially the white and pale pink ones.

The garden's looking pretty tired now.  I've been picking the gladioli, but seem to have lost my favourite dahlias and am left with mostly orange ones, which are a bit boring on their own!  
We've still got lots of courgettes but the runner beans didn't do much this year and the plants I picked up from the garden centre turned out to be very stringy :(

So, Strictly's back tonight.  Downton Abbey next week, and we've got a big pile of logs ready for the fire.
Roll on Autumn,  I'm looking forward to it this year.