Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Little Visitors

Hello lovely people.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa bought you all the things you wished for!
I've enjoyed reading all your posts, but decided to have a little bloggy break for a while over the Festive season.  We had a very lazy but relaxing time, mainly watching TV, reading, and eating too much, as usual.
I cooked an enormous ham that lasted for a week and the usual couple of nice chickens with all the trimmings for Christmas dinner.  There was a mild panic on Christmas Eve when I woke early to find the power had been off all night and wasn't sure what to do about buying the last minute meat and veg.  Luckily it came back on mid morning, so we were saved from the prospect of a festive barbeque!

I must share these snaps of some little critters that have been keeping me amused through the kitchen window.  I couldn't figure out why the fat filled coconut shell disappeared at a rate of knots, despite not seeing a single bird on it so I popped a fat square in the hedge close to the window and waited with the camera ready.  The plastic tub stops all the bits falling on the floor for Lottie to eat!  Not very pretty, but they don't mind.  First a little mouse, a wood mouse I think.

Then some Bank Voles.  We have lots of these in the garden, but I've never seen them this close before.  There's more than one, but they take it in turns to sit in the tub munching away, before swapping places.  Very cute :)

Enjoying some bread.

I hope you have a good time if you're going out tonight.
Happy New Year.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Festive Decorating

Hello, I managed to capture the beautiful sky this morning before the clouds rolled in and turned it all very wintry again.

The house has had a bit of a festive makeover.  I've kept it very minimal and didn't bother with all the baubles and things that usually get dug out every year.  Lots of holly from the garden has been dotted around to jolly the place up and I dried some orange slices in the dehydrator to make some garlands.

I bought a few more mercury glass tea light holders for the sitting room fireplace and love how they twinkle and sparkle in the early morning light and look so pretty when lit.  

I've also been enjoying too many of these yummy mince pies from Lidl.  £1.49 for 12, bit of a bargain and they are really lovely, full of juicy tangy mincemeat.  Better than a lot of the fancy ones I've had in the past.  Not much chance of them surviving 'till Christmas!

Take care