Saturday, 17 May 2014

This Week

Hello!  Not much to report here at the moment.  Just making the most of the beautiful weather and feeling quite soporific, like the bee I watched slowly visiting every little flower on my pelargoniums, seeming to find the rosy scent quite intoxicating!

Loving the wild flowers, especially this pink campion

Cleaning and sorting more of my old pot collection.  I finally got to the last batch that I hadn't touched since buying the 6 box "job lot" years ago!  I'm never going to use them all, but they are lovely to look at and fascinating knowing that many of them were handmade over 100 years ago.   Eek!  Just noticed how mucky the glass is :(

Playing around with my fabric stash and loving this combo of creamy reds and blues.  I'm thinking maybe lots of quarter square triangles in the Dutch style, or perhaps Log Cabin?   The churn dash one has been put to one side for the moment until I find the right fabric for a border.  

Enjoy your weekend

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beautiful Spring.

Hello, I hope you're enjoying the long weekend and making the most of this lovely weather.  
It's always been my favourite time of year.  Everything is so green and fresh and full of promise!
The wild garden has seemed extra beautiful this year and so full of colour.  I love these pink bluebells, so pretty.

I love spending time in the greenhouse now.  May is always the best time for flowers, before it gets too hot and there's plenty of cuttings to be taken.


In between garden pottering there's been quite a bit of sewing going on, with the latest quilt blocks finished.  I think it's got a lovely old fashioned country feel.  Just  needs a plain-ish border to finish it off.

Thank you for stopping by and apologies if I've been absent from blogland recently.  I have some catching up to do!